Phonics Games | Vowel Digraphs--IE, OA, OE, OW, UE

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Phonics Game for the Vowel Digraphs IE,OA, OE, OW, UE improves your child’s reading skills.

Kids learn to read while they have fun playing familiar games they already know and love. Games include Memory, Go Fish, Old Maid, and War. While playing any of these games using this special deck of cards, children learn how to read words containing the vowel digraphs IE, OA, OE, OW, and UE.

Now your kids are reading and playing at the same time. No more boring phonics drills. And they love to make their own cards by separating the sheets along the perforations and then coloring the cards.

Teachers, parents, and tutors use the Vowel Digraphs IE, OA, OW, and UE Phonics Game, designed by Linda Silbert, PhD and Al Silbert, EdD, to help kids develop reading and writing skills. And to improve focus and self-esteem. This Phonics Game integrates with the Orton-Gillingham method and with the Wilson and other phonics programs used in many school districts to teach reading.

Special Ed teachers use this fun Phonics Game to help teach reading to children with learning disabilities. Kids with ADHD, Autism, sensory processing disorder, language processing disorders, dysgraphia, and dyslexia can all have a great time playing the game while they get better at reading.

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Not sure what kind of phonics help your child needs? Parents, download the Phonics Checklist to help identify the specific letter or combination of letters that your child needs to master. It's free. Teachers, order sets of 25 of the "Phonics Checklist" for your classroom.

Ages: 6 -12 years and up
Publisher: Strong Learning, Inc.
Card Decks: 1 deck (all four games use the same deck).
Quantity: 4 sheets perforated card stock.
Contents: Game includes 41 Playing Cards including 20 pairs of matching word cards plus one Old Maid card, 1 Rule Card, 1 Word List Card, 5 Clue Cards, 1 Self-closing poly storage bag, Directions for playing all four games using the same cards, and Phonics Definitions for Parents and Teachers.
Dimensions: Ea. sheet 8 1/2" x 11" Ea. card 2 1/8" x 3 1/2," the perfect size for little hands.
Helpful Definitions of common phonics terms for parents and teachers: phonemes, long and short vowels, consonant blends, consonant digraphs, diphthongs, syllables, etc.

Game Includes:

Rule Card: Vowel Digraphs rule for IE, OA, OE, OW, and UE with examples.

Word List Card: Lists all 20 words used to play the card games. Examples: TIE, GOAT, DOE, GROW, CLUE. (Upper case letters are used to eliminate confusion, e.g. upper case i and lower case L.)

Clue Cards: Long “I” & Silent “E” as in PIE, Long “O” & Silent “A” as in BOAT, Long “O” & Silent “E” as in TOE, Long “O” & Silent “W” as in SNOW, Long “U” & Silent “E” as in BLUE.

Here's what some parents and teachers, who reviewed the Phonics Games for Learning® Magazine's Teacher Choice Awards, have said:

"I loved watching my students having fun and learning at the same time."
"Students were eager to play the games."
"Students thought they were playing a game, not working."
"The game aspect was a strong motivator for students."
"Powerful learning tool."
"Games provided phonics practice in a different format."
"Great review of phonics skills."

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